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Terms agreement


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The Elite Diamond Connection web site‭ (“‬Site‭”) ‬contains adult content that is provided as a service to users who agree to abide by the following acceptable conduct terms.‭ ‬Your right to use the Site is governed by these Terms of Use and‭ ‬our Privacy Policy‭ ‬(collectively,‭ “‬Terms‭”) ‬and you should take the time to review both carefully before you use the Site.‭ ‬By using the Site in any way,‭ ‬you are agreeing to comply with these Terms.

The Site reserves the right to change the Terms at any time and for any reason.‭ ‬Updated versions of the Terms will be posted to the Site at and you should visit this page periodically to keep apprised of any changes.‭ ‬By continuing to use the Site after any such change,‭ ‬you accept and agree to the modified Terms.‭ ‬The Site reserves the right to modify or discontinue,‭ ‬temporarily or permanently,‭ ‬the Site,‭ ‬any site features,‭ ‬benefits‭ (‬including without limitation blocking or terminating your Account‭)‬,‭ ‬rules or conditions,‭ ‬all without notice,‭ ‬even though such changes may affect the way you use the Site.‭ ‬You agree that the Site will not be liable to you or any third-party for any modification or discontinuance of the Site.

User Conduct:

Without limitation,‭ ‬you agree to refrain from the following actions while using the Site:

  1. ‬Harassing,‭ ‬threatening,‭ ‬embarrassing or causing distress or discomfort upon another individual or entity or impersonating any other person or entity or otherwise restricting or inhibiting any other person from using or enjoying the Site‭;
  2. Transmitting any information,‭ ‬data,‭ ‬text,‭ ‬files,‭ ‬links,‭ ‬software,‭ ‬chats,‭ ‬communication or other materials that is unlawful,‭ ‬false,‭ ‬misleading,‭ ‬harmful,‭ ‬threatening,‭ ‬abusive,‭ ‬invasive of another’s privacy,‭ ‬harassing,‭ ‬defamatory,‭ ‬vulgar,‭ ‬obscene,‭ ‬hateful or racially or otherwise objectionable,‭ ‬including without limitation material of any kind or nature that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense,‭ ‬give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local,‭ ‬state,‭ ‬provincial,‭ ‬national,‭ ‬or international law or regulation,‭ ‬or encourage the use of controlled substances‭;
  3. (‬a‭) ‬Posting adult content or explicit adult material unless:‭ (‬i‭) ‬such material is specifically permitted under applicable federal,‭ ‬state,‭ ‬and local law‭; ‬and‭ (‬ii‭) ‬you are at least‭ ‬18‭ ‬years of age or older and not considered to be a minor in your state of residence‭; (‬b‭) ‬Posting,‭ ‬anywhere on the Site,‭ ‬obscene or lewd and lascivious graphics or photographs which depict genitalia or actual or simulated sexual acts,‭ ‬as determined in the sole discretion‭ ‬of; ‬(c‭) ‬Posting any solicitation directly or in‭ “‬coded‭” ‬fashion for any illegal service exchanging sexual favors for money or other valuable consideration‭; (‬d‭) ‬Posting any material on the Site that exploits minors in any way‭; (‬e‭) ‬Posting any material on the Site that in any way constitutes or assists in human trafficking.
  4. ‬Posting any ad for products or services,‭ ‬use or sale of which is prohibited by any law or regulation‭;
  5. ‬Sending mail,‭ ‬e-mail,‭ ‬voice messages or faxes for solicitation of any other product,‭ ‬or service to a user of the Site unless the user has granted permission in their ad or otherwise allowed contact for solicitation‭;
  6. ‬Deleting or revising any material posted by any other user‭;
  7. ‬Interfering with or infringing the patents,‭ ‬copyrights,‭ ‬trademarks,‭ ‬service marks,‭ ‬logos,‭ ‬confidential information or intellectual property rights of others‭;
  8. ‬Using any automated device,‭ ‬spider,‭ ‬robot,‭ ‬crawler,‭ ‬data mining tool,‭ ‬software or routine to access,‭ ‬copy,‭ ‬or download any part of the Site unless expressly permitted by the Site‭;
  9. ‬Taking any action creating a disproportionately large usage load on the Site unless expressly permitted by the Site:
  10. ‬Sending messages or engaging in disruptive or damaging activities online,‭ ‬including excessive use of scripts,‭ ‬sound waves,‭ ‬scrolling,‭ ‬or use of viruses,‭ ‬bots,‭ ‬worms,‭ ‬time bombs,‭ ‬Trojan horses or any other destructive element‭;
  11. ‬Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to non-public areas of the Site.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬if you have a password to a non-public area of the Site,‭ ‬you may not disclose to,‭ ‬or share your password,‭ ‬with any third parties and/or use your password for unauthorized purposes‭;
  12. ‬Attempting to decipher,‭ ‬decompile,‭ ‬disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software comprising or in any way making up all or any part of the Site‭; ‬modifying any meta data,‭ ‬copying or duplicating in any manner any of the content‭; ‬framing of or linking to any of the Site,‭ ‬its content or information available from the Site without the express written consent of agents of the Site‭;
  13. ‬Discriminating on the grounds of race,‭ ‬religion,‭ ‬national origin,‭ ‬gender,‭ ‬disability,‭ ‬age,‭ ‬marital status,‭ ‬sexual orientation,‭ ‬or refers to such matters in any manner prohibited by law‭;
  14. ‬Posting any employment ads violating the anti-discrimination provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act or messages which violate any law or regulation‭;
  15. ‬Using the Site to engage in or assist another individual or entity to engage in fraudulent,‭ ‬abusive,‭ ‬manipulative or illegal activity.
  16. ‬Posting free ads promoting links to commercial services or web sites except in areas of the Site where such ads are expressly permitted‭;
  17. ‬Posting any material advertising weapons the use,‭ ‬carrying,‭ ‬or advertising of which is prohibited by applicable federal,‭ ‬state,‭ ‬or local law.‭ 

Please report any violations of these Terms to:‭ ‬[email protected]

You agree to comply with all applicable laws,‭ ‬statutes,‭ ‬regulations,‭ ‬and ordinances concerning your use of the Site.

Use of Materials:

Any ads or messages that you post,‭ ‬transmit,‭ ‬or otherwise make available for viewing on public areas of the Site will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary to you.‭ ‬You understand and agree that any such ads and messages may be used by the Site,‭ ‬without review or approval by you,‭ ‬for any purpose whatsoever,‭ ‬and in any medium,‭ ‬including our print media,‭ ‬if any.‭ ‬You grant the Site‭ ‬the irrevocable right to use and/or edit your ads and messages,‭ ‬without review or approval by you,‭ ‬for any purpose whatsoever,‭ ‬including,‭ ‬without limitation,‭ ‬reproduction,‭ ‬disclosure,‭ ‬transmission,‭ ‬publication,‭ ‬broadcast,‭ ‬posting,‭ ‬and advertising in any media in perpetuity without notice or compensation to you.

Termination of Access:

The Site has the right terminate your access for any reason if we believe you have violated these Terms in any manner.‭ ‬You agree not to hold the Site liable for such termination,‭ ‬and further agree not to attempt to use the Site after termination.

No‭ ‬Third Party‭ ‬Beneficiaries:

You agree that,‭ ‬except as otherwise provided in this Terms of Use,‭ ‬there shall be no third party beneficiaries to these Terms.

Copyright and Trademarks:

All materials on the Site,‭ ‬including without limitation,‭ ‬logos,‭ ‬images,‭ ‬text,‭ ‬illustrations,‭ ‬audio and video files are protected by copyrights,‭ ‬trademarks,‭ ‬service marks,‭ ‬or other proprietary rights which are either owned by or licensed to the Site or owned by other parties who have posted on the Site.‭ ‬Materials from the Site and from any other web site owned,‭ ‬operated,‭ ‬controlled,‭ ‬or licensed by the Site may not be copied,‭ ‬reproduced,‭ ‬republished,‭ ‬uploaded,‭ ‬posted,‭ ‬transmitted,‭ ‬or distributed in any way.

In posting content on the Site,‭ ‬you grant the Site,‭ ‬and its owners and licensees,‭ ‬the right to use,‭ ‬reproduce,‭ ‬distribute,‭ ‬translate,‭ ‬modify,‭ ‬adapt,‭ ‬publicly perform,‭ ‬publicly display,‭ ‬archive and create derivative works from the posted content.

Notification of Infringement

If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement,‭ ‬or your intellectual property rights have been otherwise violated,‭ ‬please provide the following information to the Site’s Copyright Agent:

  1. ‬An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or other intellectual property interest‭;
  2. ‬A description of the copyrighted work or other intellectual property that you claim has been infringed‭;
  3. ‬A description of where the mate lol 8rial that you claim is infringing is located on the Site‭;
  4. ‬Your name,‭ ‬address,‭ ‬telephone number and e-mail address‭;
  5. A signed statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner,‭ ‬its agent,‭ ‬or the law‭; ‬and
  6. A statement by you,‭ ‬made under penalty of perjury,‭ ‬that the information provided in your Notice is accurate and that you are the copyright or intellectual property owner or authorized to act on the copyright or intellectual property owner’s behalf.

Email:‭ ‬[email protected]‭ ‬(Please put Copyright Infringement in the subject line‭)

The Site may,‭ ‬under appropriate circumstances and at our own discretion,‭ ‬disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who may be repeat infringes.